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Monday, January 19, 2009

Owh..And the Muslims are being killed??

  1. Well,it is all about the hubbub of the killings of innocent Palestinians in Gaza.At first, when the Zionists started attacking Gaza, i was not bothered that much.But, when the number of those killed escalated to more than 400, i started to look into this issue from a rather disquieting angle.I began to mull over as to the reason of the sudden,intense, hard-hitting acts of terrorism by the Zionist.
  2. A few possible reasons popped up in my brain.And those reasons are subject to meticulous analysing by the frontal lobe of my brain.Hoping that this part of my brain works well, at least up till now, i would rather say that the output of the analysis would sound more or less like this- 'Hell.. the Zionists are seriously playing with fire by messing with the Muslims and are very keen on starting the 3rd world war'
  3. Great!!! The Zionists really wanna have some taste of the Muslims' retaliation.But how do the Muslims retaliate? Do we have the might? Are we able to fight the Israel's closest proxy?
  4. Seems impossibe ehh? just seems impossible.But remember, David was the one who defeated the Philistine giant, Goliath.He was just a man though.
  5. It is all about our inner strenghts.Our willpower, our collective voices, the unity that we are supposed to build, are the ingredients that will indubitably triumph good over evil.All those black sheeps in every nook and cranny of the Muslim society should be exterminated of their powers to control.Victory will then surely ensue.~~~~~~~~~Amen~~~~~~~~~~


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