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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Breaking The ICe

First of all,this blog being my first official one, i would like to remind you readers there, that my blog here would contain some remarks,critics and even insults if needed towards certain parties.Readers discretion is strongly advised (hell dont expect me to put a rating on each and every post,be it PG-13 or whatever)
Issues addressed in my blog would be related to the realm of medicine(the harrowing experience of being a medical student), of politics, of races and of religious issues.Personal matters would be chipped in occasionally,so that you guys would be able to yawn while reading them(pity me since this is the only avenue for me to express my feelings..and medic students would benefit from reading my blog since this would be the only way they are able to fall asleep and get some rest)
Still in Malaysia at the moment,on summer holidays, i have been inundated with the news of the political turmoil that our country is facing right now.Every now and then, confusion sets in.New allegations surface,malicious remarks are made,politicians are threatened and the whole domain of politics has gone topsy-turvy.Let me remind you my readers, i am neither supporting any parties nor am i against any of them.My views are purely independent from any influence whatsoever.I am expressing them out of what i feel is appropriate.My views might never be accepted by some of you, and i am more than willing to accept any comments and is happy if some of you wuld be able to correct my mistakes.
I guess, enough for me to write till this much for my first post,just as an introductory in nature i guess.So, for you readers out there, prepare for some shocking remarks and comments in the subsequent posts.Till my next post.Sayonara


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