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Thursday, September 18, 2008

this really intrigues kidding..!!

A stamp issued September 6, 1983 in the Soviet Union,
commemorating al-Khwārizmī's (approximate) 1200th birthday

Intriguing,mind-boggling? it whatever you like but those are the stream of thoughts and feelings engulfing me every now and then.
Why? You may ask...And the answer to this lies to the very situation of the Muslims nowadays.When you see in the media, the muslims being portrayed as hardcore terrorists and suicide bombers,sequestered in some mountainous,cavernous region like Tora Bora, one cant help but cringe in fear whenever he/she encounters a bearded man with a turban.*a turban is a headgear worn by the middle-easterners normally*
So, do we really need to be afraid of those people? is a big 'NO'.All those irrelevant fears that the non-muslims have been imbued with by the western-controlled media, are preposterous.The western media, especially the US media being controlled by the Jews are so good in the art of fabulism.Believe me, they are able to spin any stories out of the context just to please certain parties.The economy of the US being controlled by the Jews, and it is not easy for most people out there to really figure out those at the backstage,those behind all the masterplan.
Money paper,for those who dont know yet, is invented by the Jews.Money paper, by its very nature has no value. It is we, people who put the value on it.
They are nothing,just papers!!.The real money,should be in silver or gold form.So, who are setting the value for the paper money and where is the reference point for the value of such and such a currency?
You see, when the US economy falls, the whole world would feel the impact.Certain countries might go into periods of abysmal recessions.
Now, anyone with a sound mind would ask ,why should we be affected by the US economy?.
The answer is because the reference point is where the Jews have discreet control in,which is the US economy and everything related to its finances.
I still remember, as far as i could recall, when i was at the age of 12 to 15, my dad was watching his favourite channel,the Bloomberg , a figure appeared from the idiot-box, looking dishevelled,and tattily dressed,around the age 70 plus.He was commenting on the recent updated economic status of the States and making some predictions and what investors should do.I was amazed could this old looking, frayed man be so good even in predicting the future of the US economy, as if he had every nitty-gritty facts about the economy.I asked my dad'who is this old man,so good that almost any steps taken in Wall Street would have to be consented by this old guy?'And he told me about this man, and his name is Alan Greenspan. That was the first time i heard about Alan Greenspan, a Jew, and since then, i kept watching some of his comments live on Bloomberg and was amazed by his acuity in foretelling the economic situation.Even the Dow Jones would have to succumb to the impact of US economic downturn if there is to be a major economic downturn.
Back to our present situation,whereby Muslims have insignificant control over the world economy,let alone to govern their own countries,they are labelled as being uncouth and uncivilised.I have to agree with this.And anyone out there who doesnt agree are welcomed to be in a fruitful discussion with me,by any means.
I feel ashamed sometimes,when i see the muslims are in substandard situation.They fall behind in many aspects,be it in education,businesses or administration of a country.
What went wrong? oh no..nothing went wrong...things rarely go wrong...'The Muslims wronged themselves'
When the Muslims are fighting over trivial issues rather than concentrating on core matters,they are losing out ,becoming more and more ignorant.
In the field of education,can anyone tell me how many Muslims are there in the first three top or at least 5 top academic figures in any fields of institution around the world(muslim
predominant countries are excepted)i am talking in a country where there are considerable no of Muslims or the majority are Muslims.
Avicenna(Ibn Sina),Avempace(Ibn Bajjah),Geber(Jabir Ibn hayyan) and many more,the list goes..bla2...are.... my friends..figures of the past....of the past!!!.They are history.There is no point for us to brag about these figures having discovered many things,we have not even reached 1% of their level of diligence in knowledge seeking.
How destitute we bad it bad..
I am proud of my religion, but maybe not proud of the people practising it and i am not proud of myself either!!


Blogger shahirah said...

hurmmm...true...agree on that....nothing wrong with our religion, but the Muslims should change their attitude in order to compete with others......

September 19, 2008 at 7:49 PM  
Blogger arshadsyahali said...

yup...change in attitude...that's crucial..!!

September 20, 2008 at 9:24 PM  

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